Rare Pizzas FAQ

How to Buy Rare Pizzas

  1. When is the next round of presales?
  2. The next public presale will start at 1:14pm on Sunday, 21 March 2021.
    Time zone TBA.
  3. When is the next round of public sales?
  4. The next public sale will start at 3:14pm on Sunday, 21 March 2021.
    Time zone TBA.
  5. Where will the presale be happening?
  6. The presale only happens at RarePizzas.com.
  7. Where will the public sale be happening?
  8. The public sale only happens at RarePizzas.com. You can also buy pizzas on the secondary market at OpenSea.
  9. How can I participate in the public sale?
  10. On mobile:
    Go to RarePizzas.com from inside the MetaMask app browser. Connect your wallet to the RarePizzas website. You will see a breakdown of the cost of the pizza and the cost of gas to complete the transaction. Press “BUY” to make a purchase.
  11. On desktop:
    Go to RarePizzas.com in Chrome. Connect your wallet to the RarePizzas website. You will see a breakdown of the cost of the pizza and the cost of gas to complete the transaction. Press “BUY” to make a purchase.
  12. IMPORTANT: You will need a minimum of 125% of the current sale price to account for Gas fees and slippage. You can manually adjust these parameters during the transaction process if you want more control than the default options.
  13. What is Gas?
  14. The money it costs to put the transaction into the Ethereum blockchain.
  15. What is a reasonable amount to pay for Gas?
  16. You can look here to see what the going rates are: https://ethgasstation.info/ if you want to visualize it, view it here: https://txstreet.com/
  17. Why is my gas so high?
  18. Gas fees are high in general right now. A normal range is anywhere from $40 USD to $90 USD. Higher fees than this should be considered an error; troubleshooting solutions below:

    If you try to buy a pizza during the presale without a whitelisted address, you get this error. 

    If you get this error during the regular sale, it's likely you don't have enough ETH in MetaMask. You will need at least 25% more than the current pizza price in order to account for slippage and fees. 

    If you have lots of ETH and you still get this error, manually increase the maximum gas spend.
  19. What is a bonding curve?
  20. A bonding curve is a formula that gradually increases the price over time.
  21. What are the bonding curve rules?
  22. Price goes up on a curved slope until the final two pizzas, priced together at 10,000 BTC for the pair. Just like Laszlo! You can examine the equation in detail on our Github.
  23. What will be the price on public sale and how fast it will grow?
  24. This is constantly changing. At any time during the sale you can check the current price at RarePizzas.com
  25. Do I pay in BTC or ETH?
  26. We love BTC, but we currently only accept ETH. We do have plans to accept more currencies in the future. Stay tuned!
  27. Do I pay in BTC or ETH?
  28. Check in your MetaMask wallet under the "Collectibles" tab. Or search for your wallet address on OpenSea. OpenSea automatically populates an account for your wallet, and you can connect MetaMask wallet to claim the account as your own.

What are Rare Pizzas?

  • What are Rare Pizzas?
  • Rare Pizzas is a collection of 10,000 generatively baked pizza NFTs created in a collaboration between 100+ topping artists from around the globe.

    No two pizzas are exactly alike, and each one of them will be available on May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day.  10,000 pizzas will be released in a fundraiser to buy people pizza from pizza shops all over the world. Yes, including you! 
  • Who is behind the project?
  • The RarePizzas.com: We have 100+ toppings artists and a growing pizza mafia with a Discord server with 1K people on it, come online and meetus. 
  • How can I buy Rare Pizzas?
  • Reserve yours on RarePizzas.com on Pi Day (March 14-15) or participate in our pizza auction.
  • What are NFTs?
  • Non-fungible tokens, an atomic unit in Web 3. More info: NFT WIKI
  • What is generative art?
  • Art made from a pre-programmed recipe. More info: GENERATIVE ART WIKI
  • How can I get involved?
  • Share your love for #RAREPIZZAS with the world!
    Follow @rarepizzas on Twitter and @rarepizzanft on Instagram.
    Reserve your own Rare Pizza on Pi Day, March 14 2021.
  • How is Rarepizzas.com funded?
  • By the sale of digital NFT Rare Pizzas and community donations.
  • Can I make a donation without buying a Rare Pizza?
  • Yes! You can buy Pizza DAO community NFTs on Opensea.
    These artist have graciously offered us 51% of their proceeds going to RarePizzas.If you want to make another kind of donation, get in touch with us on Twitter (@rarepizzas) or Instagram (@rarepizzanft)


  • What is Pizza DAO?
  • A decentralized autonomous organization formed to promote pizza in all forms.
  • What is Bitcoin Pizza Day?
  • On May 22, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz made the first ever Bitcoin transaction, trading 10,000 bitcoin for two large pizzas.

    Now that Bitcoin is reaching widespread global adoption, many Bitcoiners like to celebrate this milestone occasion by sharing some slices of pie. How much would those pizzas be worth now?

    Check here: BITCOIN PIZZA INDEX 
  • What does Bitcoin Pizza Day have to do with Pizza DAO?
  • Pizza DAO will give away 10,000 physical pizzas to people around the world on BPD 2021.
  • Who will receive pizzas from Rarepizzas.com on Bitcoin Pizza Day 2021?
  • Communities and shops who are in our Rarepizzas.com network. Talk to your local pizzeria and have them join!

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10K generatively baked pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 topping artists from around the globe.

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