🍕 We're celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day all over the world on May 22! 🍕 Let's eat free pizza and celebrate! 🍕 We'll have parties in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Seoul, São Paulo, Sydney, and Vancouver! 🍕 Catch us at NFT.NYC in New York City in June! 🍕 Let's eat pizza together and talk public goods! 🍕 Pizza shud be free! 🍕 Our problems on Spaceship Earth are distribution problems, not scarcity problems! 🍕 Let's leverage digital scarcity to end real-world scarcity! 🍕 We've given away nearly $400,000 worth of pizza since we came together in February of 2021! 🍕 We've fed people free pizza in 75+ countries! 🍕 We have over 400 pizzerias in our network. 🍕 Pizza is the cheese that binds Web3. 🍕 Small businesses should be community-owned, so we're tokenizing pizzerias! 🍕 The internet, the blockchain, the metaverse, and pizza are all global phenomena! 🍕 We don't agree on everything here on Spaceship Earth, but we do agree on pizza! 🍕

On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. Now, PizzaDAO throws a Global Pizza Party every May 22 in his honor.


Purchases of Rare Pizzas NFTs support PizzaDAO's mission to pizza the planet. So far, we've given away more than $700,000 worth of pizza in over 70 countries.

Every year since 2021, we've thrown a Global Pizza Party on Bitcoin Pizza Day (May 22). Over 9,300 people attended the last one, in 115+ cities all across the world.

PizzaDAO is a global pizza co-op, a pizza party planner, and a pizza faucet for web3 builders.

Want to get involved? Keep reading!

How Do I Get a Rare Pizza?


Download and install the browser plugin MetaMask. This is a secure Ethereum wallet you can use to interact with websites.


If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum or send some to yourself. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ethereum from Coinbase.


Once you have some Ethereum in your wallet, you can buy a Rare Pizza Box directly from us or on the secondary market. Then open the box on our website to order your rare pizza.


Whether you're a pizza lover who wants to attend our Global Pizza Party on May 22nd, a pizza industry member who wants to join our co-op, or an aspiring member of the Pizza Mafia, we'd love to meet you.

Are You a Pizzaiolo?

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The pizza mafia is a global community of over 4,000 pizza lovers in more than 65 countries. Join our discord and help us organize the future of pizza.
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Who's Behind all this?

We deliver to any address in the galaxy. Learn how to place your order, step by step.

What started as a small group on Clubhouse, the PizzaDAO are now over 2000 members world-wide. Want to learn more about who we are or how you can help?
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First of all, you can't eat it. It's a piece of generative art. Well, eight pieces, to be exact! Each pizza is lovingly hand-crafted by our algorithmic chefs from a randomized selection of toppings submitted by our 314 Rare Pizzas artists. Each pizza comes in a Rare Pizza Box NFT, which you can open to reveal your pizza.

Many will be made from traditional pizza ingredients, but you may come across rarer ingredients that you might never have expected to find on a pizza, let alone to eat...

What’re Pizza Pop and Pizza Sticks?

Pizza Pop and Pizza Sticks are the antipasti to go alongside your Rare Pizza!

They're extremely rare, so be sure to sample the flavors if you come across any.

We are the Pizza Mafia!

Rare Pizzas is a project founded by the decentralized autonomous organization PizzaDAO, a global community of artists, creators, and pizza lovers who believe that pizza shud be free.

We've come together since February 18th, 2021 to make this dream a reality all over the world on May 22nd, for Bitcoin Pizza Day.

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10,000 generatively baked pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 international toppings artists.
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