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BTC Pizza Day


On May 22nd, 2022 we're buying $500 worth of pizza (plus $125 tip) each at pizzerias all over the world to throw a global pizza party!

We'd love to treat your community to free pizza in honor of the first bitcoin transaction ever.

Join the Mission!

What does
that mean?

If you fill out our sign-up form, we'll send you $625 to help us throw the world's largest pizza party ever! Yes, real money in your native currency sent by the payment method that you select in the form above.

Why are we doing this?

Because pizza is a public good, not to mention the best food in the known universe. We believe there's a pizza distribution problem, not a pizza scarcity problem!

How does this work?

We sell rare digital pizza art to raise money to throw a global pizza party! To date, we've raised over $1M for the cause. Using the proceeds from our art sale, Rare Pizzas purchased more than $300,000 worth of real, edible pizza that was given away by pizzerias around the world last Bitcoin Pizza Day: May 22, 2021.

And we're doing it again next year!

If you and your shop choose to participate, we will coordinate with you to facilitate the payment details. All you have to do is make the pizza!

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 22, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz made the first ever Bitcoin transaction, trading 10,000 bitcoin for two large pizzas. Every year since, the Bitcoin community has celebrated this milestone occasion by sharing some slices of pie on #BitcoinPizzaDay. Now that Bitcoin is reaching widespread global adoption, we celebrate in a big way by adding #FreePizzaDay to the menu!

Ready to get involved?

Join us today! Submit your info with our sign-up form.

Get in Touch!

We, and pizza, are on every platform we know about.

Twitter: @RarePizzas
Twitter: @PizzaDAO
Instagram: @RarePizzasNFT
Instagram en Español: @RarePizzasNFTLatAm
Pinterest: RarePizzasNFT
Tik Tok: @RarePizzasNFT
Facebook Page: PizzaDAO
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