🍕 We're celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day all over the world on May 22! 🍕 Let's eat free pizza and celebrate! 🍕 We'll have parties in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Seoul, São Paulo, Sydney, and Vancouver! 🍕 Catch us at NFT.NYC in New York City in June! 🍕 Let's eat pizza together and talk public goods! 🍕 Pizza shud be free! 🍕 Our problems on Spaceship Earth are distribution problems, not scarcity problems! 🍕 Let's leverage digital scarcity to end real-world scarcity! 🍕 We've given away nearly $400,000 worth of pizza since we came together in February of 2021! 🍕 We've fed people free pizza in 75+ countries! 🍕 We have over 400 pizzerias in our network. 🍕 Pizza is the cheese that binds Web3. 🍕 Small businesses should be community-owned, so we're tokenizing pizzerias! 🍕 The internet, the blockchain, the metaverse, and pizza are all global phenomena! 🍕 We don't agree on everything here on Spaceship Earth, but we do agree on pizza! 🍕

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30 Flavors on MATIC!

Pizza Pop

Need refreshments? Have a Pizza Pop! Each flavor designed by a different chemist. Choose with care.

Neo Bambino's

Pizza Sticks

Getting hungy while you wait for your pizza? Grab some Pizza Sticks! Neo Bambino is our perfect appetizer for you! Made by a 12 year old chef (sauces provided by collaborating sauciers).

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What is a Rare Pizzas NFT?

A Rare Pizzas NFT isn't your normal NFT. The generative box and pizza are the main components with toppings from over 300 artists. PizzaDAO has future plans to cut these generative Rare Pizzas into slices so that you can share them with your friends!

Rare Pizza Box

Rare Pizzas NFT

Rare Pizzas Slice

Rare Pizzas Topping

Unpacking your box!

With RarePizzas you get two NFTs for the price of one! Right now, we're taking reservations so you'll receive a rad box NFT to hold your pizza. Then, on May 22, all current box holders will receive a notification to go to the RarePizzas website to claim their RarePizzas NFT. Through our generative pipeline, you'll watch your pizza bake based off of a number of factors, from caloric value to fat content!
Each RarePizzas NFT is verifiably unique. There will only ever be 10,000. Get a reservation today!

How can I buy a Rare Pizzas NFT?

Purchase one on our website by following the steps below or find one on the secondary market on OpenSea.  

On Mobile:

Open Metamask Browser

2. Go to RarePizzas.com/Kitchen

3. Connect your wallet

4. Press “BUY” to make a purchase.

On Desktop:

1. Open a browser that supports Metamask Extension like Chrome

2. Go to RarePizzas.com/Kitchen

3. Connect your wallet

4. Press “BUY” to make a purchase.

IMPORTANT: You will need a minimum of 125% to account for slippage & network fees (gas).

Are there other NFTs?

Yes! Below you'll find links to the PizzaDAO community collaborations as well as Pizza Pop and Pizza Sticks served fresh on POLYGON (MATIC)!

You can buy Pizza DAO community NFTs on Opensea or Pizza Pop and Pizza Sticks on Cargo.build.

Do I use BTC or ETH?

We love BTC, but we currently only accept ETH. To purchase Pizza Pop and Pizza Stix you will need to be connected to the MATIC Mainnet and use MATIC to purchase them!

We do have plans to accept more currencies in the future. Stay tuned!

How can I see my Rare Pizza NFT?

Check in your MetaMask wallet under the "Collectibles" tab. Or search for your wallet address on OpenSea. OpenSea automatically populates an account for your wallet, and you can connect MetaMask wallet to claim the account as your own.

Can I support the pizza party without buying NFTs or cryptocurrency?

If you want to make another kind of donation, get in touch with us on Twitter (@rarepizzas), Instagram (@rarepizzasnft), or by email at hello@rarepizzas.com.

Help Us Pizza the Planet!

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10,000 generatively baked pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 international toppings artists.
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