🍕     Minimum Viable Pizza    🍕    Beatboi Meaty Bbot Robot    🍕    Molten Delight    🍕    Pandora's Box    🍕    Come to Cheesus    🍕    Planetary Pizza    🍕    MEATeor     🍕    MEME-lover    🍕    Pretty Pizza    🍕    The Funky Anchovy    🍕    Pizza Pals    🍕    Pandemic Pie    🍕    The Black Olive    🍕    The Doughfellas    🍕    Oven Baked Boi    🍕    The Deep Dish Donatello    🍕    The Happy Flour     🍕    Flour Power    🍕    The Prime    🍕    Over the Toppings    🍕    The Belle Pepper    🍕    That's Amore    🍕    Pizza'ahoy    🍕    The Pizzasmith    🍕    From Topping to Dough    🍕    Pizza Paradise    🍕    We Knead    🍕    Pizzazza!    🍕    The Pizza Saga    🍕    The Oven and Shaker    🍕    Gotta Sauce 'Em All    🍕    German Sausage Fest    🍕    From Topping to Dough    🍕    Berry Bukkake    🍕    Alabama Jammer    

How the internet created something amazing in the name of pizza!

Rare Pizzas is a collection of 10,000 generatively baked pizza NFTs created in a collaboration between 100+ topping artists from around the globe.

No two pizzas are exactly alike, and each one of them will be available on May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day.  10,000 pizzas will be released in a fundraiser to buy people pizza from pizza shops all over the world. Yes, including you!

What’s a
Rare Pizza NFT?

The Rare Pizza NFT’s are high-resolution images of pizzas that are made algorithmically, with artwork provided by the collaborative efforts of over 200 digital artists. 

Many will be made from traditional pizza ingredients, but if you’re lucky you’ll come across a few of the rarer ingredients!

While most people love a slice of pepperoni pizza, on some of our pies you might find: Gilded Truffles, Trippy Mushrooms, Words, Doge, and Spicy Pesto, oh my!
Charles Pierce

“The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 A.M.”

Our Manifesto

How do I get a Rare Pizza NFT?

Want to support Rare Pizzas but don’t know where to start? First things first: get yourself a digital wallet on the blockchain. Your wallet is where your cryptocurrency is stored and funds your purchase of Rare Pizzas and any other crypto art (aka NFTs) purchases from digital marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible.
  • Set Up a Blockchain Wallet:

    Set up your wallet with Metamask, Gemini, or Civil Wallet by following the prompts.  Fund your wallet by transferring currency from your crypto exchange (Coinbase or Kraken). 
    Learn more about Setting up your BlockChain Wallet HERE.
  • Buy From the Marketplace!

    Locate one of our Rare Pizza artists on Opensea and buy a slice or a whole pie!

    Mafia Art
  • Resources 

    One of the unspoken tenants of the DAO is democratization of information. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in the developing NFT and cryptocurrency space to educate yourself and get involved!

    Watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, join Clubhouse rooms or Discord servers. Here are some links to get you started so you can buy your first NFT pizza!

10K generatively baked pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 topping artists from around the globe.

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Blockchain 66!
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