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Our Cheesy History

It all started with Laszlo, 10k Bitcoin, and two pizzas. Now, 11 years later, pizzaDAO is throwing a global pizza party in his honor.

On February 18th, in The Room About Nothing on ClubHouse, the idea of an art-to-pizza pipeline was born. What if we sold 10,000 randomly generated NFT pizzas to pay for REAL pizza all around the globe on Bitcoin Pizza Day?

On March 15th, 2021 (3.1415) we opened Rare Pizzas Box NFT reservations to the public and to this day we have raised approx. $1.3 Million for REAL pizza.

On Saturday, May 22nd, we're using 51% of the funds to pay for the WORLD'S LARGEST PIZZA PARTY EVER!
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What’s a
Rare Pizza NFT?

The Pizza NFT’s are 3072x3072 pixel graphics of pizzas that are algorithmically generated  from toppings art submitting by Rare Pizzas artists. 

Many will be made from traditional pizza ingredients, but if you’re lucky you’ll come across a few of the rarer ingredients. Gilded Truffles, Trippy Mushrooms, Spicy Pesto, and even Worms!
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How Do I Get a Rare Pizza?


Download and install the Chrome browser plugin MetaMask. This is a secure Ethereum wallet you can use to interact with websites.


If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum or send some to yourself. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ethereum from Coinbase.


Once you have some Ethereum in your wallet, you can buy Rare Pizzas directly from our price curve or on the secondary market on Opensea.
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What’re Pizza Pop and
Pizza Sticks?

Pizza Pop and Pizza Sticks are the antipasti to go alongside your Rare Pizza! Minted and available for sale on Cargo.Build, these tasty treats are served up on the MATIC/Polygon network! That means low network fees and a great addition to your Rare Pizzas collection!
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We are the Pizza Mafia!

Rare Pizzas is a project founded by the decentralized autonomous organization pizzaDAO. We are a global community of artists, creators, and pizza lovers who believe that pizza shud b free.

We've come together since February 18th, 2021 to make this dream a reality at pizzerias all over the world on Saturday, May 22nd, for Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Want to join the Pizza Mafia?

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10,000 generatively baked pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 international toppings artists.
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